Elnaz Nourizadeh

Elnaz Nourizadeh

Iranian-Australian 1985


Born in Tehran, Elnaz started ceramic and sculpting as an early teen under the supervision of Maryam Salour when she became interested in abstraction and the colour field movement. Meanwhile, Studying for a Bachelor of Industrial Design brought a touch of geometric forms into her work.
In 2013, Elnaz moved to Melbourne and continued her life as a full-time ceramist, where her functional ceramics became well known for their hand-painted designs and vivid colours. This immigration unveiled the idea of relationships at fundamental levels and social life in her abstract, figurative sculptures.
Elnaz began to explore the relationship between mind and body and the effect of a meditative state with installation art in 2018 while completing her Master of Fine Arts at RMIT.

About my work

I'm interested in consciousness and communication from the fundamental level to everyday relationships. I am inspired by any conversation about how information processes, how thinking happens, and the effect of our emotions and behaviour in social life and in personal relationships. I express this interest through three art forms: functional ceramics, sculptures, and installation art. These creative outlets help me better understand myself and how I fit into the world. I also like to share these experiences with others, hoping my work adds something to their lives.
In my sculptures, I blend abstract and figurative shapes to express emotional experiences, both social and personal. The feelings or thoughts that are hard to put into words.
I hope my ceramic objects unfold a new relationship in people's lives, a deeper connection between humans and objects. They can carry experiences and help create a moment of personal connection or just a relaxed, mindful moment.
In my installations, I use simple materials around me, like clay, paper, wire, and paint, to form abstract shapes. I use my Body's movement during the making process as a focus point to direct my attention. This helps me observe my mind's process from a different perspective and understand my thoughts and emotions and how they affect each other. This "Making Meditation" shapes its own abstract object and allows me to reevaluate my fundamental questions.