Elnaz Nourizadeh

Elnaz Nourizadeh is an Iranian-Australian visual artist and ceramist based in Melbourne, Australia.

Elnaz started working with clay when she was 12 and gradually sank into art. In Tehran, she learned ceramics and sculpting under the supervision of one of the leading ceramists and sculptors, Maryam Salour. This mentorship fed her ideas from western art history, modernism and the colour field movement. Living in an Islamic county as a female pushed her to express her emotions and thoughts in abstract forms.

Alongside her training in ceramics and sculpting, Elnaz got her bachelor's degree in Industrial design in Tehran. Since She moved to Melbourne in 2013, Elnaz has been a full-time ceramic maker and designer and a part-time private teacher. Elnaz practice in Installation art began in 2018 when she did her Master of Fine Art at RMIT. Since then, she's been experimenting with fusing two and three-dimensional objects in installation forms.